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Platform Changelog


\underline{\textbf{August, 13th 2019}}

\underline{\textbf{August, 16th 2019}}

  • A new meshing algorithm can be found in your mesh selection panel as ‘New mesh preview’.
  • Radiation can now be enabled for Convective Heat Transfer analyses! Find the documentation here.
  • A new automated workflow for setting up interfaces for Conjugate Heat Transfer analyses is available. Find the release blog post here.
  • Given that your simulation setup is complete, it is now possible to queue a simulation run before the assigned mesh has been successfully generated. Find the release blog post here.
  • Thermal comfort parameters (PMV&PPD) can now be computed as additional result control items.
  • Support has been added for native CATIA files (*.CATPart, *.CATProduct) to our CAD import options.
  • Changing assignments in Mesh refinements after the Mesh was successfully created is now allowed in the Mesh setup workflow.
  • To improve the workflow, if the geometry consists fully or partly of surface geometry (which was a constant concern in Mesh generation):
    • Icons in the Geometry scene tree in the top right indicate if a geometrical body is a solid or a surface part.

  • By default we try to automatically sew and solidify surface geometry during CAD import.
  • Prior to meshing we display additional validation checks and warnings in case the surface geometry is still present and could affect the meshing success.
  • The warning for faces without boundary condition assignment on simulation run start has been removed.