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Physics cannot be taken into account as the simulation setup is not valid

Whenever i try to generate meshfor my incompressible flow simulation, an error pops up

Project Link: Https://

Can someone help here?

Hey @smaggoo!

You can continue either way! Either generate the mesh first but before you start the run the setup has to be completed or you setup the BCs etc. first and do the mesh settings as the last step, then you could hit run and you would first generate your mesh and once the mesh has been created jump over to the simulation to solve that - does that make sense?



Just curious how one is to find what is missing. It says I need to complete set-up, but I can’t see anything I have not configured.


Got it! I was using two phase flow (air/water) but only defined the inlet flow rate of the water. I forgot to specify the air fraction. I changed the inlet definition of the air to a fixed pressure and it worked. Running the mesh now.