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Perforated plate performance and flow

Hello everyone,

I tried to simulate the flow through a perforated plate. At first I calculated a plate with one big hole for a specific pressure loss. Then I divided the one big hole in four equal holes to see the difference between those cases (and tried to show the results as a simulation). In the last step I want to put another an exact copy of this plate on the top of the other and twist them together to raise the pressure loss in steps. But the results for one plate are not making any sense for me. I see no flow through the plate. Is there something with the CAD or what is wrong?

Here is the link of this project:

Best regards!

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Hi Phillipp,

It is really important to extract the flow region at the beginning of the simulation. The result of this operation is the domain you will use for the analysis. You can have a look at our Flow Volume Extraction guide here:
I also created a Closed Inner region here:
I suggest you give it a try too :slight_smile:

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Hello Fillia,

Thank you for your helpflul respond! It looks quite more accurate now. I tested it by myself but unfortunately I did not find the “face370” for the closed inner region.

Is it also possible to assign two inlets, pressure and flow rate, for the same location? I want to build a project with two parallel connected pipesystems with two throttle valves in different angle positions. The goal is to see the dependency between the flow rate and pressure loss. Thank you in advance.

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