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DEM simulation / solver not available any more?


Hello @ all,

I was trying to teach myself how particular material flows can be modeled in Simscale. There has been a DEM solver implemented, as I saw by looking at some public projects some time ago. I was trying to select the DEM solver within one of my simulation trials, but I could not find any selection option “Discrete Elements” or “Particulate Material” in the study type drop down menu. Could this be due to the fact that DEM simulations are not supported any more in Simscale?

Thanks for clearning my confusion :slight_smile:
Nice regards, Benjamin


Hi @bmueller!

Will ask if Yade will be “re-implemented” or if another solution is on the roadmap.




Hi again @bmueller!

We still have the option to bring it back but it is not the priority we are focussing on at the moment. Please feel free to add your thoughts and ideas in the Vote for Features section of the forum or - if that is the purpose of the sim - simply upvote it.




Hi jousefm!

Thanks for your nice feedback :wink: In m opinion, the DEM module was the best feature in SimScale. I haven´t seen any other SaaS supplier / OpenFoam GUI builder that allowed for DEM calculations.

I personnaly would love to see it again implemented in SimScale!

Nice regards, Benjamin


Hi Benjamin!

Thanks for letting us know! We are always working on improvements on the platform. If we are planning to bring DEM Back we will announce it early enough.

Stay tuned!