Parking ventilation

this error had stop my mesh generation (One or more cell zones do not intersect the flow region or the intersection results in a non-solid body. Cell zones must overlap with the flow region).


Please always include a link to your project so we can have a look at the model and identify the problem.

Hi mabdelssalam,
Thanks for the link…

I am a novice, but I had a quick look and noticed that you had a Velocity Inlet , a Velocity Outlet & a Pressure Inlet. When I do modelling I normally have Velocity Inlet & Pressure Outlet. I also noticed that no boundary conditions were set for the internal walls, which I normally apply.

You may also wish to look at this building airflow simulation which might be applicable for your case, I noticed the ‘Summer’ simulation seemed to work, but the convergence was just adequate. In any case search the public projects for guidance, may also assist.

These documents may assist…

Best of luck, maybe one of the more experienced Simscale people can target the issue.

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Thanks for the link!

Your parts for the momentum sources touch with the ceiling of the model. This is a modelling mistake, as they are supposed to be completely immersed in the flow region.

If you need an inlet in these regions, you can create a rectangular face in the ceiling, and specify a velocity inlet.

What is the intention of the momentum sources? Do you want to inject clean air or recirculate the internal air?

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Thanks for your kindly helping,
i want to inject clean air, not recirculation