Parameters for Multiflow Simulation of a grid chamber

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I’m trying to set up a multiflow simulation of a grid chamber. I did several runs with different parameters but besides the fact that the simulations run incredibly long or fail at all, the water flow entering the chamber from the inlet directly rises to the lid/upper outlet. Actuallly, although the inlet has the Phase 1 which ist water, it behaves like air. At least this is my impression when displaying the particle traces (after the first time steps …before it breaks).

I did a couple of incompressible simulations with the chamber which worked fine but I’m not sure if the result is comparable to the real situation where the grid chamber fills gradually.

I couldn’t find a proper tutorial and searched the documentation to get a better understanding of the different parameters, but what I still didn’t get is the importance of e.g. topological entities. If they are nice to have, or a must have. I checked other multiphase projects and what parameters they used an then tried to reproduce that with my simulation but it doesn’t run at all. I’m sure it’s an easy-peasy mistake due to my lacking experience but to be honest: I’m tired of the search-try-fail loop.
I would be deeply grateful if anyone has an idea of what I’m doing wrong.

Here is my simulation and this is where I peeked the parameters:

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Hi Daniel,

Multiphase simulations can be a bit tricky. I am trying some settings right now, and will let you know as soon as I have results.

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Hey Fillia,

thank you very much. I hope it´s an easy mistake due to my lacking experience.
B.t.w. do you know another public project which fits to mine? Maybe there´s a better template where I can peek the settings. I can´t find anything better with the common buzzwords multiphase, multiflow, open channel a.s.o.

Thanks again

As a conclusion to close this thread, the issue here was the mesh. The hex dominant meshing algorithm should work better for multiphase simulations :smile: :

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