OWC Wave Energy

As I am new to Simscale, I have a few questions. I am working on a device which

harnesses Ocean Wave Energy. It is referred to as an OWC (oscillating water column.) As the Ocean swell passes underneath, it causes the air to compress, and decompress. That air can be used to drive a turbine.

Question. The device has different size chambers. I only know the volume and pressure of the Inlet. It is then forced into the Turbine chamber, which I need to

do simulations on different styles of Impellers. The air is additionally compressed when entering this chamber through a slit.

These are unknown pressures. Can Simscale solve for these unknown factors, and allow me to experiment.

Hey Steve, thanks for using the forum!

I think the most straightforward job is to perform a turbine simulation, with only one fluid phase (air in this case) and applying the known pressure or flow rate as input for the boundary conditions.

A rigid body motion of the turbine (rotation) driven by the flow is hard to do, and the standard approach is to use a rotating region at the operation point, then assess the efficiency of the turbine.

You would perform a simulation similar to the one shown in this tutorial:

So please try to grab the concept of the model and the setup and apply it to your case. If you have a project in the platform with your CAD, please share the link to also have a look at it.

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