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Optimizing data transfer while post-processing


When ‘Solution Fields’ contain many steps and one needs a quick look for only small chunk of it (like data from 38 step), allowing that will reduce data shuffling by one to two orders (of magnitude).

Suggestion: allow user to specify subset of simulation data to got into viewer.

Motivation: I hesitated to click on ‘Simulation Fields’ of an middle size alien project, knowing that I will be clogging internet with dozens of megabytes of data and waiting for a while: I needed just a look at one step, not all one hundred of them. Helas, that inside was missing to correct diagnostic. Implementation of that option should save time and network bandwidth.


I would also like the ability to delete the results at steps that I do not need.

And I would like to have full solutions written at the step when a user stops a simulation run so that, if at 748 steps you can see that the convergence is good enough and you don’t want to waste core hours by waiting until the actual write step at the end of the run. :slight_smile:


One more thing: one the end of simulation log file, an estimate of size of data to download should be provided, please. Without that, people who try to put hand on data for visualisation locally, may regret that impulse for days.

This should be also possible for ‘stopped’ simulation, when partial data are available (this is what @DaleKramer is asking for).


Very good impetus from you Andrzej & Dale!

This feature has also been requested by other users not too long ago and we hope to ship that at some point. Let’s hear more from your great ideas! :slight_smile:

Cheers and happy cogitation! :wink: