Operation "Automatic contact detection" unavailable

Hi there,

I need to define a couple of contacts and the option “Automatic contact detection” also described here: Automatic Contact Detection | March 2019 SimScale Update is disabled in my Ui (grayed out). Why would that be?

There is no tooltip or other help about it. I am on the community plan but I did not find any remark that the feature is special in the article above or in the pricing page overview.



Okay, update … I found a better way to export / import the project from freecad. Instead of going "File -> Export …" and exporting .stl, I am creating a compound and using "Part -> Export CAD" and create a .stp export. This way the contacts are already detected correctly and the option is also enabled.

Some note on the menu entry that you need a different import format to use it would have been helpful. :slight_smile:


You are correct - .stl files do not support contact detection. When running simulations involving contacts (e.g. CHT, FEA) it is recommended to use one of the other supported formats.