Nodal data summary

Hi all,

Using the bulk calculator to get max stress on parts I saw the warning “Statistics are based on interpolated data.”.

I then followed the link to What Is the Difference between Cell and Node Data | SimScale). However, when I right-click I don’t see the option “Switch to cell data”.

I then changed to the legacy interface in case it was there and could neither find it. However, I noticed that results for some parts are the same, but some are different (30% higher).

Are these nodal based? How can I get the maximum nodal stress in a part in the new interface?

Hi there. The option to switch between cell and node data should be available for CFD simulations. I am tagging my colleague @ggiraldof here to verify :slight_smile:

Thanks for looping me in @tsite

In FEA, all the results are node-averaged, and delivered directly from the solver. This is why it is not possible to switch to cell (element) data in the post-processor.

Did you find that the results are different between legacy and beta post-processor, for the same simulation run? Can you please provide me the URL to an example of this?

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Thanks for your answer.

The images above are taken from

In particular they belong to Von Mises for Part 1 in Run 2.

As you can see, max/min are different but average is the same.


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Hi Jose,

You are right, and there is something strange happening here.

The new view’s bulk calculator should be more precise and reliable, but it is strange that the legacy is showing a higher stress value. I reported this to our dev team and they are investigating on the issue. I will update you with their findings.

Thanks for taking the time to report this, this is much appreciated.

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Thank you for looking at the issue.