No solid part shown during meshing

my cad is a solid model still while creating an enclosure, it shows that no solid part is present. can someone help me with this??

Hi @mrayganga,

Can you share the link to your project with the issue?


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i have invited you to the project. Please refer to the part which has colourful bodyworks. Thanks in advance

Hi @MihirRayganga,

I looked at the geometry “body_and_sidepods_v1” and this part does not contain a valid solid so the only geometry imported is surface geometry which Simscale cannot use.

I imported the STEP file into Onshape and and it came across with many errors and it would not import as a solid either. Below is an example of one or the problem areas I found. I also see quite a few edges less than .5mm. If this is a valid solid in Fusion 360 you can try to see if you can export a Parasolid file format. It might work better but I don’t think it can fix all the issues.

The geometry "body_and_sidepods_v13"has all the same issues above as well as issues with the tube. I see many of the tubes interfere with each other which will cause issues. One thing that typically helps is if you merge all the parts into a single body.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.