No contacts were defined for some sub-assemblies

So I am new to SimScale and even FEA but I’ve designed a trailer in Onshape and now what to see it is strong enough for the job. Its made on many Rectangular box sections. Its been imported to SimScale, Mesh is OK but I get a message saying “No contacts were defined for some sub-assemblies.” and I am given a few examples of parts I should look at. My question is how do I methodically go through all the parts and manually put extra contacts in? Is there a comprehensive list of parts I should look at (rather that the few parts lists in the message)? The one parts I did look at had contacts which looked fine to me.

Hey @nmikaelson!

Please check out this post from @rszoeke and see if it helps in your case: No contacts were defined for some sub-assemblies - #3 by rszoeke



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Thanks for the reference @jousefm, but the old solution is meanwhile not necessary any more.

@nmikaelson if you click on the highlighted entity names in the message you will select actually ALL the parts where you need to add contacts for.



Hey @nmikaelson,

I noticed that your CAD is very detailed. I think you can get better results by simplifying the models. These links may be useful for you:

Preparing Geometry for Simulation with Custom Machines I Webinar

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How to Find Faults in the CAD Model?


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