No contacts were defined for some sub-assemblies. /PCB THERMAL SIMULATION

Whenever i try to run my simulaion i have the same problem:

Also the automatic contact detection does nothing. What can i do to fix this?

Hi, and thanks for using the forum!

The contact detection might not work in the case that:

  • There is a gap between the parts
  • There is an intersection between the parts

You can go back to your CAD and try to identify these problems.

Also, you can use the CAD Edit Mode in the workbench to clean-up and simplify your model:

It has operations to find gaps and interferences, fix interferences, move parts and many more.

What should I do if that gap between parts is desired and I want to simulate while that gap exists?

In my experience with PCBs and SimScale, automatic contact detection started under 0.1 mm (I don’t exactly remember the value) . Therefore, if your gap is larger than that, it will be treated as it is (and of course SimScale will try to mesh it). My question is, why would you like to use such small gaps? Unless you are working with microfluidics, such narrow gaps have almost no effect on the final outcome, as the non-dimensional heat and mass transfer numbers will tell you that air conduction will not be a mechanism of heat transport and conduction will be the main source. If that is the case, you can close the gap and use a thin-layer, setting it with the thermal properties of the air/gas.

I hope this helps,