Need help with results

Hi guys I really need your help. I link my project here and describe you the problem.

the problem I have is that I put the same boundary conditions on both side of the cones and pressure outlet both up and down the geometry, but when I see the results by plotting the particles traces it seems that one side is how I expect to be, while the on the other side (which is symmetric) the flow seems to “fall down” instead of having the same behavior.
Could you help me to understand why? It may help me a lot. thanks

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Hi @dcarofiglio,

There is no obvious answer looking at your simulation setup. In order to observe development of the flow, take some snapshots setting the Write interval to 100 steps (this will give you 10 snapshots). Currently only the end of simulation can be visualized:


In your simulation log file I see systematic warnings linked to solvers used (well, by default):

--> FOAM Warning : 
    From function gaussConvectionScheme
    in file finiteVolume/convectionSchemes/gaussConvectionScheme/gaussConvectionScheme.H at line 123
    Reading "system/fvSchemes.divSchemes.div(phi,K)" at line 16
    Unbounded 'Gauss' div scheme used in steady-state solver, use 'bounded Gauss' to ensure boundedness.

You may tweak that in Advanced concepts > Numerics and use suggested setting: