Need Help for my Project (Conjugate Heat Transfer)/Partcile Trace

On my project “” simulation is already finish.
I try to setting Particle Trace for check my water cooling on those system. I have change a setting of Pressure Inlet/Outlet from 450 kPA to 700 kPA. But when I look the Particle Trace, the line is not going to “Pipe Out”. It just stop on a middle of water piping.
I have try to change a coloring from “Velocity” to “Pressure”. But the color is still same.
What is wrong on my project ?

Hi rhezA,

The problem is that the particle run out of “life time” (Time from a particle from the seed point into the fluid region.)

You can have a workaround by just starting a new particle seed either at the end, or at the point your particle ends.

Also I saw that your simulation didn’t converge yet and is also very huge (18Mio Cells) .
This might come from your very detailed IGBTs. I guess that this is not necessary.
You can have a look at the CAD Preparation here and maybe remove some small features like numbers screw holes etc. to reduce Cell Count a lot. Usually you would start wit a very rough model and increase the details until there is no more difference in results between each refinement run.