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My First Simulation

Hello, I just completed tutorial 2 with the pipe. I have a question since it says it should take 2-4 minutes and 0.2 core hours but it took me 23 minutes and 0.8 core hours! also, the results do not look like the results in the tutorial! Please take a look and let me know if I did something wrong. Thanks.

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Hey @Robert01,
welcome to simscale :slight_smile: .
The time consumption of a simulation depends on a few things,

  • the count of cells in the mesh
  • the count of used cores
  • the simulation type itself

I didn’t see the Meshing properties in the tutorial, so maybe another algorithm (Hex-dominated) is used there ?
In terms of the differently looking results, you need to assign the Z velocity not the X velocity.
To get a nice color gradient, you have to use the point data instead of cell data.
Here is a very good summary about the different types.

Best regards

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Thanks. I was a bit surprised since I used the default values set up for the tutorial so it should have simulated in about the same time.

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