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Multiphysic simulation


I found old post about electric simulation and the announcement you have in mind a multiphysic simulation in the future. Can you provide any schedule for other simulation option like electric, quasi static electromagnetic, RF electromagnetic or optic.


Hey @sburger,

we have tested some prototypes and collected requirements for the complete electromagnetic application area. So there is a road map how to add functionality step by step but no schedule yet. Actually in regards to the prioritization we focus a lot on user and especially customer requested features. Electromagnetic was mentioned there beforehand but not a frequently as other features.
Please keep the feedback coming as we will re-prioritize in case the interest is increasing. Also feedback on specific applications that you or other users want to cover is very well appreciated.

Best Alex


I am interested in RF electromagnetic simulation to start with. Than in combination with mechanic resonance as in MEMS or surface acoustic waves with piezo crystals what is challenging :wink:. You must take in to account the material tensor of electric and mechanic properties.
As solver would be nice time and frequency domain and eigenvalue solver as well.


Here some news according multi physic simulation.

CST, mark leader with electro magnetic field simulation software, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire CST - Computer Simulation Technology AG. Dassault
The same was done some years ago as ANSYS acquired Ansoft. ANSYS integrated HFSS (high frequency structural simulator) and other software in their system.
COMSOL multiphysic is per se a software package which is able to do it.

I see here a demand. Maybe not many engineers are looking over the border and stuck with well know software installed on a computer at the moment. I am sure other will ask for it as well in the near future.


It would be nice if Simscale would develop electron optics capabilities coupled with thermal effects. Both CST and COMSOL have poor user support so my company has decided against these tools.


Hi @Jade!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! If you like create a specific feature request in the Vote for feature section. I will also write you a private message right now for further questions.