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Multimesh domain - simulation domain consisting of multiple meshes


Hi. I wonder if there is any hack to create simulation whose domain uses several meshes?. My idea is to export individual parts of my Inventor assembly, upload these individual geometries into SimScale project, create a mesh for each geometry, and then set-up a simulation domain to use selected meshes that are being offered there.
Is something like that possible?

Right now I think this is not possible. I cannot select two meshes when setting up simulation domain. I can upload entire assembly (it’ll be one geometry), and SimScale will create a mesh-set consisting of several solids in their positions. If one solid has very demanding mesh, it slows down entire meshset generation. I would like to proceed solid by solid.

This way, user would be able to have one SimScale project with alternative assembly parts to experiment with. For example have there 3 versions of double whishbone suspension arm, create a simulation for one version of arm, duplicate the simulation and exchange this version with another version of an arm by selecting it in Domain.



Hi @Pavol_Kianicka and thanks a lot for the detailed “query/wish” if you like :wink:

That sounds like a very interesting approach and I cannot think of a possibility at the moment to achieve what you wish for right now. What I would suggest is to put the feature request directly into our dedicated section of the forum that you can find here: Feature Requests.

If you have any other wishes or have a specific topic that you want to discuss feel free to contact me whenever you like!

All the best and enjoy your week!



Hi @jousefm, I posted my feature idea there.