Multiblock meshing

Does anyone know about multiblock meshing in Simscale?
I found many videos or articles about multiblock meshing in other CFD software.
multi block or multiple O-grid blocks meshing

Please let me know…

Hi there, thanks for using the forum!

SimScale does not currenlty have a block or structured mesher.

You can find the available methods in this page:

I have read all these articles but could not find the exact file format which I need. For instance, although it is written that Simscale can accept .med file mesh but it has not.

Can you please provide more information

For example, Can I import meshing from ICEM?


I don’t think that this format is supported.

MED works, just please adjust to the instructions given in the page:

Specially, you need to use MED formats 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3.

Also, for the physical entities (vertices, edges, faces and volumes) to be detected by SimScale, you need to create groups for each one. For example, you need to create groups containing only one face, for every face in the geometry. Same for volumes, and edges and vertices if you plan to use those to assign boundary conditions.

If working with Salome, you can do this easily using this workflow:

  1. In the geometry module, use the ‘Explode’ operation to extract all of the features of the same type (face, edge, vertex, volume).
  2. In the mesh module, after the mesh is created, use the operation ‘Create groups from geometry’, and select all the features created in the step 1.

How can I identify which Version of Salome can produce the exact .med file?

This is selected at the time of exporting the mesh.