Multi-Region error with ony one solid and other in avanced concepts

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I am trying to simulate am axial fan with MRF. I have only two solids, one of them acting as Rotating Zone.

I get no error with the mesh, but when I try to simulate I get the error of Multi-Region with CFD simulation.
I am using one region for the “fluid”:
and the other for the MRF:

I don’t what can be the problem…
This is the linl to the project:

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Hey Robert, and thanks for using the forum!

Can you please try running your simulation with the Standard mesh algorithm?

Thank you for the answer
I tried. It worked, but the simulation diverged, and I suspect that is because the quality of the mesh os very low. I was trying with the hex-dominant, which usually makes better meshes for CFD.

Probably the problem is the same as in this post:

I am testing it.

I think the solution is to create a cell zone for the rotating region. Please do so by creating a mesh refinement, and setup similar to this:


Of course, set up the appropriate lengths.

In the Standard mesher, the cell zones are created automatically, but in the hex mesh you need to create it manually.