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Question about rotation

I’m relatively new to SimScale. I am trying to simulate the rotation of an object about a fixed axis. I have followed the rotation tutorials but in this case, my object has a fixed orientation - as in, it remains fixed on its own axis (constantly aligned on the same axis) while rotating about the central point. Are rotational zones applicable here? I’m a little confused about how to tell SimScale that my body does not have any rotation about its own local axis.

Hi! Do you have a link for the project, or perhaps some images showing the exact application?

From the description alone, I’m not sure if I understand fully what you are trying to achieve, but here is how the rotating zone formulation works for the same axis of rotation, based on different origins:

  • If the origin is centralized at the propeller, then the propeller rotates as we would expect:

  • If we maintain the same axis, but tweak the origin, then the rotating zone behaves very differently:

Does this answer your question?


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Hi @Ricardopg, thanks for your prompt response! The second picture answers my question! I guess I was having some trouble visualizing things. I’m trying to simulate the rotation of a body about a center at a given rpm while the horizontal part of the body remains constantly aligned with the horizontal axis. The drone tutorial helped too. Thanks again!

Hi @Ricardopg, I have set up my simulation here - Rotating Body | SimScale Workbench.

Initially, I had issues with my mesh so I changed the mesh algorithm from Standard to Hex-dominant based off of what other users had mentioned in the forum. Having done that, when I try to run the simulation, I get the error, “A multi-region mesh was assigned - this analysis-type requires a single-region mesh.” I am pretty sure this is because I’m doing something wrong with the rotating zone, but I can’t seem to fix the issue. Can you please help? Thank you so much!

Hey @Ricardopg, I believe I’ve been able to figure out the issues I was having. I redid the CAD and that did the job! Take a look if you can, I’d appreciate any feedback that you might have. Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi, the set up looks Ok right now.

Just as a note: the hex-dominant algorithm has different requirements to define cell zones. More information here: Rotating Zones | Advanced Concepts | SimScale Documentation

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