MRF Zone Intersecting Fluid Region - Mesh Failed

I created a few meshes and the last two failed notifying me about intersected parts. Then, why did it still let me run it in the first few meshes? I followed the cad prep tutorial step by step for creating a rotating zone, but it still couldn’t work! Can someone help me please? My project is private so I’ll share it later to the person replying. This is quite urgent. It’s been almost a week trying to do meshing and getting converged results. I’m so behind in my project, it’s stressing me out :sob:

Hello @nuofei , and thanks for reaching out to us via Forum.

We’ll have a look at your application, and get back to you during the day as soon as possible.

Thanks, Kaan

Hi @nuofei, thanks for posting on the forum!

The interference message appearing to you has to do with the fact that, speaking only in terms of CAD, the cylinder you’ve created for the rotating zone will naturally interfere with the rest of your model. This will cease to be the case once you set the MRF/AMI Rotating Zone Advanced Concept to it, since it will now only define a cell zone within the domain and won’t be a solid body anymore.


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