MRF wing at different angles of attack

we are working on a CFD simulation of wings at different angles of attack. This simulation is transient, pimple foam using MRF zones. But still, I cannot see the wing moving in the postprocessing.

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To enable assistance to be provided from the forum please provide a link to the project to enable others to provide suggestions.

I went looking for your project, but found none.

thankyou for your response here is the project link. I want to run a CFD simulation at different angles of attack using ami and transient approach. Is this the correct way to do it?
Dynamic Wing CASE | Aerospace | SimScale

This is our project in OpenFOAM we want to do the same thing in simscale
We have used an AMI approach for rotating the airfoil in the domain.
Here rotating zone and domain mesh are completely separated do we need to do the same thing in simscale as well?

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please have a look at this article on how to use the AMI concept.

You just need to assign a geometries primitive or a geometry to the concept.
SimScale will do the splitting of the mesh for you.

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