MRF problem

Hello! I am trying to simulate a rotating wheel with MRF. When I insert the geometry from solidworks it seems that everything look fine, but when I make the Enclosure and I hide one face from my MRF cylinder, the rim is missing. I have tried many different alternatives in my CAD but nothing works. Why is that happening and how can I fix it?

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Hi @StratisXatz: MRF would not work with geometry operation after model importing.

Please in your CAD software create two volumes:
One volume will be the flow region (your remove the rotating geometry from your whole domain)
Second volume will be the MRF zone (so possibly a cylinder).

That way, after importing the model, you will see only two volume and you can proceed with simulation and mesh setup.

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hey, Used the combine feature in SolidWorks and select the subtract option. your flow region will be the main body and the rotating wheel will be the bodies to combine.

Hope that helpful

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