Moment coefficients

For an aero study, I use the feature: “Result control > Force and moment coefficients”. According to the forum, the pitch direction is determined as being orthogonal to both drag and lift directions. I would like to have the moment in another direction. Is it possible to get the 6 parameters (forces and moments) of the torsor?

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In case you’re interested in forces and moments in all 6 directions, such as yaw and roll too, you can simply create a force and moment plot. Although, you would need to non-dimensionalize them manually, you will have access to 6 of them.

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I didn’t find the way to create a force and moment plot. Can you precise how I can do it? I am particulary intrested with the rolling moment coefficient.

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You can find them under the Result Controm items as follows:

Once the simulation is completed, you will find the monitoring plots under the Run as follows:

From here, you can obtain the total roll moment by summing the Pressure and Viscous moments around the roll axis. Non-dimensionalized roll moment coefficient can be computed by using the moment coefficient equation given here. For the reference length, feel free to use either mean aerodynamic chord or the span of the wing, depending on the convention.

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