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Model f1 car drag coefficient through the roof


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Please provide the project link. It would make long story short.

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@Apollo_Racing: It seems you did not look at examples of successful simulations. Your current geometry is a culprit. When I’ve seen it, I thought it was a clogged vacuum clear tube simulation.

You simulation domain is too tight.

Result control > Forces and moment coeff > Free stream velocity should match the Input flow velocity.
You would need Initial Foam initialisation set to ‘yes’.

You can notice, that Force and coefficient plot looks quite good till ~200 simulation steps:

Running it for more, is a waste of resources. You should stop the simulation in that case, mend the setting and restart a new one.

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Thank you so much, this been such a bother to me it’s great to get some help. But I can’t seem to find where it says initial foam intialisation


Should be in Simulation control > potential foam initialization.


perfect thank you