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Microwave Radiation Simulation

Hey guys,
I am new to simscale and any simulation software. I want to visualise the heat distribution in a microwave oven. The microwave radiation leaves the waveguide and enters into the cooking chamber. I want to visualise the radiation inside the cooking chamber. I need a lot of help doing this. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @deepp2503,

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Visualization of microwaves may not be possible I think. @jousefm is there any representative way to perform this analysis here?

While waiting for his reply, you will need a CAD model to start with. It should contain only the most important parts you need to analyze such as the chamber itself and the waveguide.

From there you can start to mesh, then simulate and adjust accordingly.



@Get_Barried Thanks for the reply,
I think i should clarify myself. I am trying to visualise the heat distribution inside the microwave or the cooking chamber. I want something like this:
I want to put a plastic object in the middle of the microwave and see the heat distributed over this object like a heat map from a thermal camera maybe. Any suggestions?

Hi guys and thanks for taggint me here Barry (@Get_Barried)!

Simulations involving radiation are indeed possible however not in a sinusoidal manner as electromagnetic waves behave. I would suggest putting this feature request into the following section: Vote For Features. A very nice project though! What you will see is that there is sinusoidal behavior over the region you are investigating and standing waves with heat spots at certain places - that’s why the plate inside the microwave is rotating. Old microwaves had this “metal ventilator” on top I believe to reflect the waves to make sure no hot spot was inside your food.

Hope that helps and extended your knowledge about microwaves a bit :smiley: