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Meshing troubleshooting

Incompressible Flow through a water pump using MRF :slight_smile:
trouble: Bad meshing, divergence during simulation, and this error:

“An invalid edge with zero or negative length was detected during the mesh quality check. This may lead to problems in the simulation.”

I can’t quite figure out if the non functionality of this case is due to CAD flaws, or just the set up. Any thoughts on this?

Hi Fillia!

At first glance you have too many layers in the geometry which is quite confusing. In my humble opinion the CAD cannot be used that way but will check in more detail a bit later on, please be patient :slight_smile:



Hi @fsite: For Internal CFD simulation with MRF I suggest you take a look at example, simplistic demo, I did set few days ago: Your current simulation will not work at all, but as a smart winner in few categories of our contest (April 2019), you will find quickly by yourself. :woman_student::lizard:

Please be back with any question when still in doubt how to set up Internal CFD with MRF.