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Meshing takes too long


I need your help community. Im fairly new to simscale and Im still learning.
My project is based upon airflow around a spoiler and the spoiler that Ive used is imported from online and its a CAD model and its meets the criteria of simcale.

The problem Im having is Meshing takes long, its maybe because of high number of cells. Can someone let me know how to reduce it or any other suggestions to reduce meshing time please? kinda urgent, thanks!

F1 rear wing 2 | SimScale Workbench

Hi sherwinvaz3,

i have two things in regards to you simulation at first, please correct the orientation of the windtunel.
You can use the same dimension ratios as in this tutorial.

in regards to meshing times, you can use the symmetry of the rear wing to reduce the wind tunnel dimensions. Also, you can try to implement refinement regions. Both is also described in the tutorial.

Let us know if this helps you.

Best regards Sebastian

will look into it sir, thank you