Meshing stuck on 0%

So I’m running an incompressible fluid flow simulation. I followed the YT video about the ahmed-body for this. When I start my Simulation it starts generating the mesh. after 20mins it’s still stuck on 0%. I dont know why this is, can someone please help?
Link to my project:

Hi there,
The meshing process has distinct stages, and sometimes it may jump from 0% directly to 100%. Don’t worry though if this happens, as it’s quite normal.

If it looks like your mesh might be stuck due to two main possibilities.

  • It’s generating too many cells due to the fineness/refinement settings;
  • It’s generating too many cells because there’s an issue with the geometry (e.g. gaps/small faces).

If you open the “Meshing log” of the mesh operation, you should be able to see the latest status of the meshing operation.
In your case, I cannot view the meshing log because the mesh is cancelled. Perhaps you can try again and have a look.

@bbhagat98 thanks a lot for your quick reply, I removed my custom refinement settings and my carthesian box. also i set the refinement to 3. this time i got through the meshing. I got a new error during the Run tho, apparently there is some divergence somewhere on my model, how do i fix that? I didn’t quite find out what tool to use or what setting to set. thanks a lot in advance

Hi there,
If you are facing divergence issues, the first step is to locate where the issue happens. The error message specifies which parameter diverged and also the exact location in the model. This information is valuable, and can be a starting point for the troubleshooting process.

  1. Create a Probe point result control and input the coordinates displayed in the error message. In doing so, you will see exactly where the divergence occurred
  2. If the point is close to one of the boundaries, double-check all boundary conditions, making sure they are correct
  3. If the point is located inside the domain, inspect the mesh around the area. The mesh quality visualization feature is very useful in this step. Even just a few bad quality cells can create instabilities in the simulation, ultimately leading to divergence
  4. If you do have bad cells, make sure to inspect the CAD model around the problematic region. Look for very small faces, very detailed topology, and small gaps. These can sometimes cause poor mesh quality.

You can read about Divergence issues here.

Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. With the help of a probe point i found out that the coordinates weren’t even on the CAD-model’s surface but a few centimeters away, at a random spot in the Water. I ended up importing the same model in another file format and re-run the thing and it seems to work.

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I am glad it worked out. :slight_smile: I hope you continue to enjoy using SimScale!