Meshing stuck at 0%

I am doing a CFD on a car. But it seems that my meshing is stuck at 0% for 50 mins. I am using hex dominant parametric mesh.

The predicted time shown was around 48 mins before i started.

Hoping to find a solution here. Cheers!!

Link to project :

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Hi there, thank you for using the forum!
In contrast to the simulation, the meshing progress has discrete phases, and it is likely that it will go from 0% to an intermediate phase, and then straight to 100%. If the estimation was around 48 minutes, it is likely that it will jump from 0% to a higher value soon, In any case, make sure to check the meshing log for more information about the progress.
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Thank you. It did happen the same way. By the way, it took 58 mins

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