Meshing Generation Stays at 0%


I wanted to run a previous project/geometry using a more refined mesh to follow the mesh parameters of this project for comparison purposes so I created a new project here because the mesh wouldn’t generate.

Currently it estimates that it will be generated within 18 minutes, but when I would generate the mesh it would stay at 0% even after 78 minutes. Is there any current maintenance I should be aware of that is causing this?

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Would it be possible to also share the link to the project that includes the mesh please?

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Yes sorry! Here is the link:

I see that the mesh you are referring is not inside the project, so I suggest you deleted or overwrote it. This means I can not check the meshing log and see why this happened. However, I assume that the fact you were “stuck” on 0% is explained by this post:

Were you using the Hex dominant algorithm before?

No I am using the Standard. I will try to generate the mesh again, but I wanted to ask if it generally can take over 30-60 minutes for a mesh to generate? I am trying to generate the mesh here using the mesh parameters from this project: which took only 8 minutes. I am not well-versed in CFD simulating at all so I’d like to understand the reason for this difference.

Are you also using the same, or a similar geometry?

(The same mesh settings can generate a completely different mesh according to the model that is used )

I used similar geometry of a one-person dwelling unit the only difference being that the 8 minute meshed geometry has added window attachments that were assigned as porous media in their simulation.

I am wondering if this is related to the model’s format. Can you try uploading it to Parasolid too, as in the previous simulation?

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