Meshing Problems

Hi, I am struggling to get my model to mesh using the standard meshing tool and keep getting the following error.


I have tried changing all the settings as demonstrated in the following tutorial but keep getting the same error. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Project Link: SimScale Login


I inspected the model and the reported error location is here:

I don’t see that the wheel is intersection the main body, but still, there could be a problem with the surface data.

I would go back to the CAD and try to find errors in the surface modeling. Exporting in a solid format such as STEP could also help.

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I have tried uploading the model as a step file and get the following error:
I have been back into the CAD model and can find no issues and the wheels are not touching the body at all but have modified it slightly anyway. This has now moved the error onto the other side of the body.

The model will mesh with the Hex dominant meshing tool however, will this cause issues with the results using the other mesher?


Hi again!

This errors show that the surface model is not healthy. Please use your tool’s diagnose to find surface modeling problems.

I would recommend you to try and rebuild the model in a solids modeling CAD, which should get rid of all the problems if done correctly.