Meshing doesn't even start - Error: An Error Occurred

Trying to simulate a baseline of a VW GTI for followon analysis. One of the things I need to simulate is flow through the radiator into the engine bay.

I think I have everything set up for this with porous media, but when I go to generate mesh it errors out after a few minutes and simply says “Error: An Error Occurred” The meshing log is empty.

Any ideas?

Project is here: SimScale

Hello Scrouse,

can you please try to increase the quality of you uploaded CAD.

Here are some tips on how to improve your CAD before uploading to SimScale.

I can see that you have uploaded the Geometry as an .stl file. What I would suggest is to remodel the part as a solid volume and upload ass it as such. This will also help you to make changes to the CAD geometry in order to improve your design.

Best regards