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Mesh Upload Issue


Hi Everyone

I am trying to upload an OpenFOAM mesh for my CFD simulation and every time I get the error that mesh didn’t upload correctly with (Error Code: 4dd002a2). I am not sure if this is due to a problem due to my internet connection or something wrong with my file.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Not sure how to debug this issue.



Hi DB!

Steps to upload a mesh:

  1. Zip the entire “constant” folder

  2. Upload it using “Upload mesh” option with type as “OpenFOAM” selected.

Let me know if that helped!



Hi @jousefm,

I have tried these exact steps to no avail.


Hi Everyone, @jousefm

Can someone help me figure out this issue? It is turning out to be frustrating and trivial.



Hi DB!

Please check if your constant folder is missing! It could also be that your structure is not according to the standard. I don’t know that and for that reason it would be good to share your content somehow (in form of a link to GDrive etc.)




hey there OP, i’m wondering if you figured out the problem. seems i have something similar (maybe exact same issue, not sure) thanks