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Mesh refinment error and help with airflow

At least one of the topological entities that should be assigned is not assignable.

Non-assignable entities: solid_0

Allowed entity types: face.

Have some trouble with the boundary layer making. Cant choose my solid and get this error above, help needed?
Need to estimate the yplus value as well.

Have a wing and a wing with a winglet attached.
TEST for meshing winglet. file with wing 1m 60x15x15 and winglet 1m60x15x15.

Also my simulation run with “wing 1m 60x15x15” i want check for drag and lift and compare it against "winglet 1m 60x15x15 " is there a good way to check for validation for the lift found?
Can i use the velocity at initial conditions to give the wing an angle of attack?

And finally how to compute and see the vorticity at the wingtip?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi @jan2re

first thing, you haven’t been able to make layer; due to your geometry doesn’t have any faces, in order to assign a layer your geometry should have faces. to do that if your geometry is stl file you can split it into multiple faces on simscale using this guide by @Ali_Arafat. but this works only for STL file if your geometry not stl file you got to get back to your CAD software.

and you should not use any of the result to validate the other design because they are totally different geometry which mean they are different study’s that will give different result. but you can compare each other to see which one of the design perform well. you can read more about what is Validation on these blog.

regarding the angle of attack you can do that by preparing your geometry with angle that you need or by allowing the inlet air to flow in angle ( find the vector component) and apply it on the boundary condition.

that what i think of for now if there is anything to add other @PowerUsers_CFD will get back to you.