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Mesh Refinement for a Rearview Mirror


I am an undergrad student of aerospace engineering and I am doing a small project for the course Aerodynamics of Vehicles.

The simulation is about a Rearview Mirror. I am trying to perform this simulation for an incoming flow of 20m/s. While I was creating the mesh, the options MATERIAL POINT and MESH REFINEMENTS (which belong to the Geometry Primitives category) did not show up on the screen as when I did one of the tutorials (I have already completed the BaseMeshBox and the Cartesian Box operations).

My question is how to create the options: MATERIAL POINT and MESH REFINEMENTS inside the category ‘Geometry Primitives’.
I am adding a screenshot and the link (bellow) to better explain my situation.

Best Regards,
Pedro Paulo de Carvalho Brito.


nice project! Could it be that you chose the Automatic hex dominant mesh operation instead of the Parametric? Only the Parametric operation comes with refinements and explicit material point placement.

Let me know if that solves the problem.



Thank you. I was able to complete the simulation after your recommendation. Just one more question… would you know if it is possible to plot the continuity residual?

Pedro Paulo.

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