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Continuity Residual


I’ve completed a simulation about a Rearview Mirror (Turbulent Regime) and I would like to know if it is possible to plot the continuity residual. If yes, how can I do it?

Pedro Paulo.

Hi Pedro @pedro_brito,

My colleague Babak (@gholami) would be the best to comment on the continuity residual - Babak, what to you think?




unfortunately, we don’t plot the continuity residuals. You can check the values in the course of the simulation, look for something like this in the log:

time step continuity errors : sum local = 4.98893e-05, global = 1.58819e-20, cumulative = 7.4834e-21

On the positive side, we are working on a more elaborate way to monitor convergence. Then, you will have more control over quantities to watch.


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some time has passed since last post here and I’m wondering what is the progress with these more elaborate ways to monitor convergence.

Best, Koozy.

Hi @ikoozy

The Simscale workbench provides the converge plot for every simulation. If you asked for something else then please elaborate.


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This thread has started with question whether it is possible to plot continuity residual, I was looking for the same residual in my simulation however I didn’t find possibility to plot it.

I’m looking for continuity residual and option to set my own point or plane to measure residuals.

Hi @ikoozy!

I will ask our engineers if there is something on the roadmap and get back to you as soon as I know more :slight_smile:



Hey @ikoozy!

So there is actually nothing planned for the continuity residual, just to keep you updated on this one. Let me know if you need any additional help or have questions!