Mesh quality

![Mesh quality|690x372](upload://e5z0iV0L5aWAUX4a0CLqJ7ttT
does anyone help to me to say what I am doing incorrect with mesh quality?
So, I uploaded. how can I understand where I did mistake here?

Hi aburkitbayev,
I’m a little unclear about what you wish to achieve…however, I suggest the attached document as a starting point, and other documents within Simscale are worth a look at as they may assist.

With most questions raised in the forum its helpful to provide a link to the simulation project, so the forum people can easily assist you by accessing the relevant simulation quickly.

In terms of the mesh quality, this document link below may assist. I suggest doing a search within the 'Documentation ’ area of Simscale for “mesh quality” to find more information.

Regards Ted