Mesh overlapping error

I’m trying to mesh a simplified CAD model imported from Solidworks for Electromagnetics. Every object that is touching is using coincident, so other than the bounding box, I don’t understand why it says every object is in some way overlapping. Sorry if I missed something from the documentation and have it set wrong.

13mm core 24ga

Hi @ekartgo, thanks a lot for posting at our forum :slight_smile:

Could you kindly provide a link to your project?


Hopefully that works, I don’t see any other way to share it other than the URL at the top of the page.


Here is what I see with the model. With the Bounding Box for Simscale item deleted, there are no overlapped components from a CAD perspective. What am I missing? Is this a SolidWorks import issue?

MagAsmbly No Intereferences

Hi @ekartgo, maybe it’s an import issue. However, when we look at your model in CAD mode, we indeed see interferences between the parts:

Have you tried the CAD mode “Fix Interferences” Option? That might help :slight_smile:


Thanks Igor,

I ran the Fix Interferences routine, and then it reported:

Good to go - right? Then I tried to re-run the mesh, but again received this:
20240416 MeshFail

Anything else to check?

Hmm that’s odd @ekartgo,

After applying the Fix Interferences, have you saved a copy of your model?


That as well as then selecting the copy and remapping the items solved the mesh issue. I did find that create a copy option confusing, as unless I missed it somewhere, I didn’t see it in the documentation as to the purpose (other than to make a copy of what exists now I would assume). Since the original had been modified, and after going out and back into it and it reporting that there were still no interferences found, I didn’t see a need to do that. Apparently I was wrong.


Hi @ekartgo,

That’s a good point, maybe the documentation should indeed be clearer.

Glad your issue was solved, however :slight_smile: