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Mesh generation issue on a turbine simulation, CAD problem?

I am new to Simscale and I am working on a capstone project on hydropower plants. I want to simulate the flow of water through a turbine similar to those found on the La Rance power plant. I want to use the results of the simulation to improve the design of the turbine as well as the pipe guiding the flow.

I just created a new CAD model from scratch hoping to solve mesh generation issue I had previously encountered.
After starting the generation of a mesh, I quickly received an error message abstrusely saying “export-parasolid-has-faults”. I just re-created the model and expected it to work. That being said, I am not certain of the mesh settings I chose: they were inspired by the tutorial " Incompressible flow simulation in centrifugal pumps".

Here’s a link to the project:

I simply don’t understand what needs to be corrected and I would sincerely appreciate some help.

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Hi @fkaepn!

I will forward this parasolid meshing issue to our engineers and let you know how you can keep working on your project. Have you tried another format in the meantime?

Keeping you up-to-date!


@fkaepn: please follow the guide about Internal CFD simulation with MRF zone: . Your geometry should be modified.



Hello Retsam and thank you for your help.
I read the guide you published and I would like to ask you for some clarification concerning the blades. If I understood correctly, the blades are cylindrical holes in the cylinder that represents the pipe, is that right? Are they like hollow cylinders in the pipe cylinder?

I think I understood the CFD part but the CAD part is not perfectly clear to me.
Again, thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @fkaepn

Yes, that’s it. I made them as flat cylinders to limit number of faces (top, bottom and side).