Mesh failure but no event log


I’m trying to mesh a geometry but the meshing operation keeps failing and no event log is posted.


Hi @jcol!

Having a look at it at the moment and could not find a mistake inside your CAD model so far .:thinking:@PowerUsers_CFD, anything from your side here?




Hi @jousefm,

Strange, I’ve had a good look into the geometry and attempted to mesh it as well but no luck. The meshing log also doesn’t show up as well. Might want to check on the backend as to what is going on?




Did anyone get a chance to look into this further?


Hi @jcol,

Jousef is quite busy at the moment and I don’t have access to their side so you’re going to have to hold out at the moment.

However, I would recommend probably using a different geometry, maybe something simpler or a different file format like STEP to see if the same error occurs.




Sounds good, thanks.


Hi @jcol!

You can try re-meshing the geometry, the issue has been fixed two days ago! Very sorry for the late feedback. Please let me know if it works for you and if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

All the best and happy simulating!



Thanks, it worked!


Now I have the same problem… Could you please take a look? Thx!


Hi @Susi!

Well that model looks familiar - @jhorv_th, could you please have a look at this model, I think you know it too well :wink:




Hi @Susi,

are you also a paraglider pilot? Where did you get your model? :slight_smile:
It looks like to me that it is not closed by the wingtips. It can cause problems easily . And also the middle top section of sail doesn’t look bad too.
What is the aim of your simulation?

I’m currently running a simulation on a canopy here.
Until it is solved I’m out to do some actual paragliding right now! :smiley:

So I’ll be back at you in a few hours!



Hi @jhorv_th
I got the CAD model from
I m a skydiving pilot~ want to try paragliding!
Simscale and CFD is new to me,the aim is to get data like airflow speed,preasure,etc. for training with deep learning🤔? I want to do a demo and possibly a two-way interaction between air and stoff…
Your project looks really nice!May I try to export data of your simulation?
And have fun!:laughing:


Hi @Susi,

that’s really nice! I hope you’ll have fun with learning the background and doing the actual thing too! :slight_smile:
Of course you can use my data, but to learn CFD, it is a better way to learn it by doing. For example by using public projects as templates.
You can find plenty of documentation, webinars, or even Simscale Academy courses for free. :wink:

And of course reach out in the forum if you need some support.

May you try to close your model and do it a solid model? Do you have CAD experience? ^^



Absolutely! And nice suggestion Jani @jhorv_th ^^ I haven’t tried CAD but I will get me some tutorials​:blush::+1:t2: guess shouldnt be much more difficult than blender​:see_no_evil:


Wow, you’re eager to learn! That’s fantastic! :slight_smile:

I suggest to try Onshape. You can get free access, and there you can find a lot of tutorials as well. It is not more difficult than Blender I guess, but it requires some time to get a feeling of it!

Let me know if you’d like me to correct your model and maybe you could learn from that too!



I’ve got the same issue here but I’ve checked my model and I think it’s watertight.


Hi @Foster!

Let me tag @jhorv_th & @vgon_alves here who might help you out with that. I can have a look at your project in the evening.




Hi @Foster,

I’ll be able to have a look on your model tomorrow afternoon, I hope it is sufficient for you! :slight_smile:



Hi @Foster!

First thing I noticed is that the geometry is not split and consists of just one single solid/face. Can you please use the split operation for the layer inflation to be properly established? Try that and let us know if the meshing process was successful.




Hi everyone,

Sorry for delay. Please @Foster make sure that your geometry is with the correct dimensions, look:

  1. Aircraft wing diagonal length = 19 [m] :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Aircraft blended winglet diagonal length = 21 [m] :heavy_check_mark:
  3. B787Wing diagonal length = 34991 [m] :x:

The third geometry (B787Wing) it is too big that the boundary box is not big enough for it, look:

Please, consider to fix it in addition what Jousef said above and let us know if it works :smile: