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Mesh Clips in new workbench

Can someone tell me how to make a mesh clip in the new workbench?

In this project the Mesh Clip 1 has a ‘Red x’ beside it and the clip does not display:

I have tried all render modes and I can’t seem to find the error info that is causing the clip not to display.


Thanks for reporting this Dale,

we’re looking into it!



We have the same problem. I noticed that this happens when the grid contains a lot of elements.
Can I have another question in the topic? Can you make it possible to set the parameters of the section plane manually (as in postprocess)? Because it is very difficult to achieve an exact cross section in the area of interest by using only sliders and this is annoying a bit :slightly_smiling_face: especially considering that each time you have to wait until the cross section is drawn.


Hi Olga!

That’s a good idea by the way! Feel free to create a new feature request here: Feature Requests.

All the best!


Hi @Apex_Project,

Yes the mesh clip dosen’t really work for meshes with alot of cells. But if you have paraview you can check the mesh offline really quickly. Just download the mesh, insert a empty text file. Rename the extension of that text file to .foam then open ParaView and select that .foam file to see the mesh.



My new Win 10 tower will come next week and then I can explore Paraview :smile:



Hope you have 32GBs of RAM in there. Paraview sure loves all that RAM.

Oh and some python scripting as well.

Oops, I just doubled the most I’ve ever had up to 16GB, put extra money intro a 6GB graphics card…

Hi, Barry.
This is a reasonable suggestion, thanks for the advice!

ParaView is heavily dependent on the CPU and RAM. No worries though, 16GB is enough but you may have to wait quite a bit for meshes that contain more than 5 mil cells. RAM is relatively cheap now so maybe consider adding another 16GB set.

I’ve got a couple 2x8GB already on order :wink:

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