Material symmetry and Partitioning


Question/Wish #1: Are there or will there be any possibilities to define orthotropic, transverse isotropic, cubic material symmetry?

Question/Wish #2: Would be super cool if you could partition your part within the SimulationDesigner (for composite materials, fracture mechanics,…)

Question/Wish #3: Enable meshing directly along edges and manually seeding those.

Just a few ideas you might add to your list.


:+1: @jousefm feedback is always appreciated!

Not sure the timeline on the materials/composites - others have asked along this same line Composite Analysis.


+1 on orthotropic material properties!

Use case: Printed Circuit Board.

Despite the composite layers, it is common to analyze it using bulk properties, but kx and ky (in plane) are typical orders of magnitude higher than kz.