Composite Analysis



Is it possible to do Composite parts Structural study with SimScale.

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Material symmetry and Partitioning
Composite Analysis any news?

Hi @ashu2605, thanks for your question. We currently support isotropic material behavior (linear, plastic, and hyperelastic) for structural analysis. What is the composite you are wanting to model?


Hi Anna,

By Composite material I mean Linear Orthotropic Material (Carbon, Kevlar & FRP laminates). Is there any way I can use SimScale for Carbon, Kevlar and Fiber Glass Laminates which are Linear orthotropic materials.

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Hey @ashu2605,

as @AnnaFless mentioned right now only isotropic material behavior is supported. Adding orthotropy for the linear case would be straightforward though providing direction dependent Young’s modulus properties. It would take more effort to support layer definition for composites, where much more details are needed. The time frame actually very much depends on the requests for the feature in community as we are trying to address the topics that help as many users as possible with high priority.

Do you already have an application in mind? That would be interesting.

Best Alex


Hi Alex,

Actually I am trying to compare the results of Solidworks Premium Simulation results with Simscale for a simple Carbon fiber Epoxy Resin Laminate. In Solidworks the properties of Carbon Laminate is given according to linear elastic Orthotropic material.


Hey @ashu2605,

nice, I will have a look how much effort it would be to integrate the feature and when we could make it available on SimScale. I keep you updated, it will at least take a few weeks though. If I can help you until then, pls let me know!

Best Alex