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Material Properties

Im working on a small project for a course where the objective is to design a small 3D printed plastic cantilever beam and optimize the shape and material to make it light weight and at the same time strong enough.

The constraints are: the design space, the force (100N) and the material properties.

I have uploaded my CAD file and meshed but I’m having trouble to set up the material propeties. Does someone know how to proceed?

The material is VeroGray Fullcure850

Hi @andresuriegas!

Not every parameter given in the table you posted can be defined inside the workbench. You either have to find a workaround or define the material behaviour with some experimental data which can be uploaded as a table. For that please have a look at this page:

Materials in general can be defined according to this documentation page: Materials in SimScale

If you think that there should be some more input parameter available in the material definition feel free to post your ideas and wishes in the Vote For Features section of this forum.

Also tagging @rszoeke here as he might give some more information about a workaround possible in this case.