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Making 1 solid in Geometry


I am doing a project on displacement ventilation and I am having problems with the geometry that I have imported.

I would like to do the convective heat transfer simulation and I understand that I would only need 1 solid for this operation (for the flow region). I have tried a few ways to make the whole geometry 1 solid in my CAD software but nothing seems to be working.

I am using Sketchup to create the model and I would import it into Rhino and save the model in that file format before importing. Would appreciate any suggestions on what I can do in Sketchup/Rhino to ensure that the whole geometry comes out as 1 solid.

Solid 49 - Room
Solid 57 - Cooling coil
Solid 67 - Heat source

This is the link to my project:

Appreciate any help! Thanks.

@CFD-SQUAD, can you help out our user here please and give him some tips on how to proceed?



Hi @nsafarah,

  • In your CAD program, run boolean operations removing Cooling coil and Heat source from the Room. You have to do it in your CAD program, as you possibly wish keep window and door faces.
  • Make the remaining volume 1000 times bigger, as now SimScale shows it has 5 mm width.

Take care,


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Hi Retsam,

Thank you for your help. I managed to make everything into 1 solid.

As I used Rhino, I used the Boolean Difference function and I managed to get the solid as shown above.

Appreciate all the help given!

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