Low mesh quality

Why is my mesh quality so low?

Also what does this mean? It showed when I generated my mesh.

Here’s a link to the project:

Hi there!

There seems to be only the flow region, which is a solid, thus the messages are strange to me. I will investigate.

In the meantime, I would try to get rid of the gap in the floor:

Please change the bounding box for the flow region, such that the bottom face intersects the floor of the building by the smaller margin.

The floor now intersects the floor but it’s still results to a low quality mesh. The message about the CAD geometry still shows.

I think you can try to simulate with the mesh as is.

One way to increase the mesh quality (and size) is to add a local region refinement around the building. This should help to capture the details better and perhaps get rid of the warning messages in the process.

Of course that the best quality to capture the surface details is to use the Standard mesh. Did you give it a try already?

I tried again and the mesh is of acceptable quality now! However, this message still remains


Will it affect my simulation results?

Hi ksalazar,
I use the convergence residuals to provide an indication of my convergence and also use the Results area on the inlet & outlet to gauge the quality of the result, see publications below.

As Simscale says…
In an iterative solution where the initial estimations of variables are updated per iteration one should expect to see those variables come to a level and don’t change anymore. Result control items can be a great way to assess convergence of these variables by studying the pattern in which they stabilize as the simulation progresses.

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