Low lift values for wing

Hi guys, I am doing a project on a wing section. My goal is to accurately find the lift and drag values for the wing.
But from my simulation I seem to be getting a pressure force ( lift in z+) of 6-6.5 N; though in reality I should be getting around 11-13 N (values from XFLR). Any help is appreciated.
This is my project link :+1:

PS : Have a look at Run 1 please

Could be that you missed a factor of 2 (or 0.5) somewhere, but not sure. CFD Squad, could you do a sanity check on the simulation setup please? :slight_smile:



Maybe that is a possibility. Actually I’ve been trying to the replicate the modelling done in this public project. This link might help.

PS : The project name is ‘3D Wing Simulation - AER385 - No Winglets’

Hi @aghirnikar:

Your simulation and mesh are far from standard. The really bizarre BC is double Symmetry:

Normally symmetry BC is only one plane, cutting your geometry on two equal parts. You geometry is in the middle of the simulation domain, so you cannot use Symmetry BC.

For a wing simulation, you should rather define front plane of BMB as inflow BC, rear plane of BMB as outflow BC and sides should be walls with slip BC…

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yeah definitely I’ll rectify this and check again. Thank you for the advice :ok_hand: