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Loads on edges

In mechanical simulations there is a need to place loads as well on edges.
I did not find the way to do it so that I was obliged to place it on a side area which of course modifies the results.
Could somebody give me a hint ? I asked the “Help” but I only got the recommendation to ask the Forum.
Thanks in advance for any hint.

Also concerning edges I would like to have a help: if I make a cut and want to get a graph of the results on the edge along it, how shall I proceed ? Sometimes the coloured picture does not give enough input from the quantitative point of view.

Hi @nhamburger

Can you please share the link of your project.


It is a very simple problem I wanted, for different reasons, see how the stresses are distributed in a involute tooth with the load on the top edge when the first contact with the other flank occurs. But it was not possible since the “edge” were blocked ONLY surfaces could be chosen.
The other question is of general form if a cut is made it is important to see how stresses do change over the edge length in fact both questions are not related to the project itself , they are related to general simulation possibilities.
Other FEA allow to place loads on edges thus my question.
Thank you for your interest I hope you will be able to give me a hint.

Hello @nhamburger,

Sorry I am not able to help but I can confirm that when you select a Force boundary condition it only lets you pick a surface. This was not the case in the older version of workbench and it should probably be submitted as a bug.

For the type of post processing you want you will need to download Paraview. This will provide you with many more option in regard to viewing your results.

Good Luck,

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Will definitely forward this - thanks for jumping in here in the meantime Christopher! :+1:

Keeping you up-to-date.


Hi @nhamburger & @cjquijano!

This is not a bug but related to the implementation which will be fixed soon. @rszoeke might give you additional information here if you have any questions.

All the best!


Hello Christopher and thanks, our combined reactions lead to a positive result ! I followed your suggestion and installed Paraview.
Now, since I am not yet very familiar with Simscale I have a question:
where can I find the data to open in Paraview for the analysis ? Could you please help me ? I would highly appreciate.
In one of my simulations (heat transfer) I would like to know how the temperature evolution is along the cut and for it I asked how to do it.
Thank you in advance for any hint.
N. H.

Hi there @nhamburger!

You can use this tutorial: FEA post-processing guide (using online post-processor and local Paraview)

Let me know if that helped you!